SAM CORPORATE designs, develops and markets advanced systems for automated specialized data capture and reporting. These web-based systems work with specialist hardware and software supplied by major integrators. They are sold to small and medium sized companies in risk management and finance, either directly or via partners within the different industries for a range of specialist applications.

What we are offering

SAM CORPORATE offers range of services under its Management services. Please get in touch with any of our offices and we are happy to assist.

SAM represents carefully selected partners in various geographies across the world for sales and business development. With its extensive network and knowledge, SAM provides the required support to assist market penetration and identification of qualified opportunities. With its own Pre-sales team and product knowledge, SAM works independently in sales and business development, virtually working as an extended arm of parent company.

SAM’s partners entrust account management to the dedicated local teams of SAM as it provides customers a local contact and ability to be on-site at a short notice for any account management issues. This proves to be hugely advantageous as client satisfaction improves manifold and also improve better resource management.

SAM manages channels and partners for companies it represents. All the aspects of partner management are covered by SAM’s team including providing sales, pre-sales, project planning, commercials and negotiations.

SAM managers create the business environment culture on making several projects successful. Through direct authority or organizational influence we establish the framework in which the project managers operate. Frequent trade-offs and decisions between business targets and project/operational performance need to taken by experienced program mangers, tactical and strategic in nature.

Expert project management is one of the critical success factors for complex project plans. Importance of clear objectives, defined requirements, accurate project planning and good communication is essential for the success of the project. Along with the social skills of the project manager and an integrated risk and quality management ensure the successful completion of a project. SAM team have years of experience in IT and project management, proven standards and they ensure project success by being proactive.

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