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Corporate structure

SAM CORPORATE’s subsidiaries and sister companies

SAM operates with the help of its group of companies, each one of them providing specific solution and services. One of the key entity specializes on providing management consultancy and training.

Our history

SAM Group was founded in 2014, with an objective of providing specialized, affordable and local solutions and services, meeting the different requirements of the Office of Finance. The CPM market in middle east has been dominated by large legacy solutions and also by a plethora of companies who provided consultancies around these. The dynamic middle east market was ignored by them and therefore most of them moved into a stage of legacy systems. This created a definitive gap in terms of new, modern, dynamic and forward looking, state of the art CPM solution and organization which can provide dedicated local services around it. SAM was born!

In 2018, SAM started up a Competency Centre in Cochin, India (KCC). This Centre was created for Research & Development, Product Development, Services back end support.


How to optimise performance while keeping risk under control

Financial Departments have been struggling for the last several decades to measure, monitor, and manage their financials flows, while trying to improve their results. As the technology to manage finance improved, so the information data streams increased, becoming more dynamic and interlinked.

We focus on the right solution

Manual Solutions, which were good until yesterday, suddenly start looking obsolete today. Major challenge, faced by most Finance Leaders, is not – ‘not having a solution’ – but is having an obsolete solution and not using the existing solution to its fullest extent. Moreover, selecting the right solution is one of the most difficult tasks, including hundreds and thousands of business parameters, technical specifications and regulatory twists.

We provide an end-to-end offering

Getting the solution implemented within the required time and without issues remains on the wish list of all Financial Institutions. Once solutions are in place, getting them to produce the reports what management and users can understand, becomes an ongoing nightmare for the Finance Team. In addition, getting the expert know-how locally and within the reach of a phone call is usually not easy.
SAM CORPORATE provides an end-to-end offering, covering the entire spectrum of requirements for the Office of Finance, i.e. covering Corporate Performance Management, Dashboarding, Reporting and Consulting in different financial areas.

A company built on expertise

SAM CORPORATE’s global expertise is available locally. Experts within the team will assist Financial Individuals and the entire Company in redefining their requirements, selection of the right Solutions, implementing, optimizing the use of the Solution and in Reporting. And all these are offered with a rare combination of a team consisting of experts, drawn from the global pool of resources, and certainly at the rates which leave smile on our customers faces.

Our offices

SAM CORPORATE is operating out of its three offices with Head Quarters in the BurJuman region, with subsidiaries at Dubai Internet City, in the heart of the Middle East ICT and finance world in Dubai (UAE) and with a Competence and Research & Development Center in Kochi (Kerala).

Dubai Burjuman (UAE)

Dubai Internet City (UAE)

Kochi (Kerala, India)


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What we do

SAM CORPORATE stands for Solutions, Advisory and Management. We represent a suite of products from renowned partners, and provide advisory and management services as well. Find out more about our services.

Who we are

Our team is composed of 5 senior members, 30 employees and 10 freelance consultants among whom we have 20 fully technical and financial system experienced people. They are delivering successful projects thanks to their strong capabilities with proven track record.

How to find us

We are operating out of our three offices with Head Quarters and subsidiaries in Dubai (UAE) and a Competence and Research & Development Centre in Kochi (Cochin, Kerala, India). Get in touch with any of our offices.

Discover our research through our publications

We have a range of publications, which gives you a snapshot of the work we have carried out worldwide during the last few years.